Sports 3-Pac: 1 Hypnotic Throwing Disc & 2 Footsacks (1 large & 1 Small)

Hand crocheted in Guatemalan The Sports 3-Pac includes the "Hypnotic Throwing Disc" (Shown in picture) & 1 standard size Footsack and 1 larger Footsack (Colors are RANDOM). The Disc is great fun to throw & catch and improve hand-eye coordination. Footsacks, also known as Hacky Sacks, are perfect to practice your agility with ball control using your feet and can be played solo or in a group. These are the high quality originals that will last...... versus cheap knock-offs with seams that will come apart quickly. Keep everything together in one handy Eco-Friendly draw string mesh bag included.

Disc is 7.25" / 62g / 2.2oz.

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