Insect Repellent Wristbands

A camper's best friend...4 colorfull DEET FREE insect repellent wristbands to keep the bugs away.The protective vapors from one band safely wards off insects for up to 120 hours. Remaining effective even after swimming or preperation, the bands contain Geraniol, proven more effective than Citronella. Can be worn on wrists, ankles, beltloops, hatbands and more. Package includes 3 assorted color and 1 glow in the dark wristbands.

  • Wristbands that repel pesky bugs, flies, gnats and mosquitos and is Deet Free
  • Still works after swimming or even sweating
  • Effective for up to 120 hours
  • Features a break-away safety strap design
  • Releases a natural vapors to form a protective shield around the immediate area
  • Packaged in an innovative reusable plastic “pod” which can store the wristband and sealed between uses to preserve the active life of the product
  • Family 4-Pack contains 3 assorted color wristbands and 1 glow-in-the-dark wristband

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